Why work with CMI?                                                                                                    Because we provide the absolute best pre-sales and post-sales support. Because we really care for our customers and our partner agents that we support nation-wide, and globally.  

Make no mistake: we are not a reseller, you are still a direct AT&T customer.                  You sign an AT&T contracts, and are under contract with AT&T. You receive AT&T bills and get our amazing support without being charged an extra penny by AT&T or by us, for being supported by us. The AT&T team that supports our company has experienced and dedicated AT&T employees that range from Channel Managers, Sales Engineers, Data Consultants and Contract Management personnel to Vice Presidents of different AT&T divisions.                                          What do you gain? A representative and a firm that will know you by name, regardless of the size of your company, will know and manage your accounts, and will help making the right decision. We are just a call or e-mail away, ready to meet in person or through a conference call.

If you need services on the East Coast, South East to MW, SW or the West Coast we can help.

if you want to become an Associate Solution Provider, our team will help you be successful and properly positioned in any market.